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The E36 Race Series is a new circuit racing category in New South Wales for the Australian delivered BMW 318is. The series is intended to be a circuit racing group that has controlled parts installed to promote and easily manage parity performance. 


The series is aimed at club level competitors as an entry level motorsport class operated under AASA guidelines. Our philosophy is to develop a more cost-effective grassroots motorsport series in Australia.

Conceived by David Bailey and Adam Hughes, both racers with a extensive experience in motorsport, the concept is based on the Nankang Tire BMW Compact Cup, arguably the biggest success story in UK club racing in recent years.

The series will appeal to drivers from all backgrounds, whether you are a young driver racing for the first time, a seasoned professional looking to reduce your spend or for anyone looking to hone their driving craft before moving up to something more powerful, the E36 Race Series will undoubtedly produce exciting racing.

The series has an active race community and a dedicated Facebook page where members can ask questions, share advice or simply socialise with like-minded people who love racing. 

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