Frequently Asked Questions

When will the E36 Race Series launch?

We are planning to commence racing in 2019 with an established series, discussions are pending.

Can 6 cylinder models enter the category?

No. This category is strictly for 4 cylinder 318is models that were Australian delivered between 1992 and 1998.

Is there a community I can join to learn more about the series and get assistance with building a race car?

Yes! The E36 Race Series has an established group on Facebook with nearly 300 members and counting.

How much to build a race car?

That's a great question and one we are asked many times. The approximate cost is $9000 plus the purchase price of the car. You can of course spend more depending on the type of equipment you use except for the controlled items. Read the Series Regulations for more details of what modfications are permitted.

How many cars are you expecting to have on the grid in 2019?

There are 11 cars in different stages of build, we are expecting 10 for Round 1.

I've just bought an E36 to build for the series, where can I find a guide that describes the model in detail?

A complete guide to the the BMW E36 can be found online courtesy of a great article written by John Avis. Read Article