Getting Started

Before you can go racing with us, there are a few things you'll need to do first.


Obviously you'll need a car. As our series is still in it's early days, odds are it will need to be purchased and built to series regulations. There is plenty of help available so don't think you need to complete the build by yourself. This brings me to the next step, become a club member. 

Becoming a club member is very easy, simply click on the Join Our Club menu link and complete the form. If you don't have a vehicle just yet, not a problem, leave those fields blank and we can update your membership details when the build is complete. Financial members get exclusive access to a private drivers group which is the best place for information and advice on the series, building your car, race day formalities and club news and updates and plenty more.

Next you'll need a racing licence. The type of licence required under AASA is the 'National Race Licence' and under Motorsport Australia it's the 'Clubman' and 'National' licence types. We accept licences from either AASA or Motorsport Australia. An important part of the process is the Observed Licence Test. This is when you'll be required to drive on track under the supervision of the OLT provider to ensure you operate the race car responsibly and your race car knowledge and skills will be assessed. 

In general, the topics covered are:

  • race car preparation and setup

  • your driving style/technique

  • safety awareness on track

  • attitude on track with other drivers

  • motorsport rules and regulations.

The final step is to get your car a logbook from either AASA or Motorsport Australia. The logbook is an identification document for your vehicle and is required to be sighted before each event. The information is required in particular when there is a serious on track incident.

Now you're ready to compete in the E36 Race Series. If you have any questions or simply just seeking advice, become a member of our Facebook group first, introduce yourself and ask all the questions you want. You can find our group here.

Use the buttons below to download an application form and begin your motorsport journey today!

National Licence Application
Motorsport Australia
Clubman/National Licence Application