2022 Round 1 Race Report

Written by David Bailey Car #39

Round 1 was at Pheasant Wood Circuit near Marulan, the first time the LA Racing Lubricants E36 Race Series Club had run at this circuit. We attended with minimal preparation on the car due to only getting the car back a few days before the meeting, damage repaired from the Sydney 300 back in 2021.

We went through our tyre bank and to be honest, there wasn’t much left on any tyres but we thought we would look at it like a shakedown. Once we were at the track though, we went as hard as we could with what we had.

Sunday morning the track was damp from overnight storms, but by the first 30 minute practice session, the track had dried out. I thought if we could hit a flat 1.03 I would be happy, but we were in the 1.02s in practice.

Then we had 4 x 20 minute super sprint sessions as part of the 2022 season, all 4 sessions we were 2nd fastest, always in the 1.02s but unable to match Rob Boaden who just kept pipping us in every session. The last session of the day we had the fastest sector 3, so that was a positive.

There was nothing between Aaron Lloyd, Marcus Rummler and Paul Stanbrook fighting for 3rd outright on the day, but the spoils went to Paul who managed a 3rd in the last 2 sessions.

Everyone was getting faster every time they went out. Those who attended really enjoyed the day and format at Pheasant Wood Circuit and unanimously want to do it again. Just a pity some people couldn’t attend due to being on holidays and of course covid isolation regulations prohibited them from attending.

Now looking forward to Round 2 at SMP on 26th of March, but the PWC round was a great hit out on both car and driver in the hot humid conditions.

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