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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

We are working on the website over the new year to bring you all a much better experience and some new features. The biggest update will be our new online shop where you'll be able to purchase sponsor products and club merchandise plus much more.

New in this release:

- New colours and font to freshen up the look

- New header menu style

- New sponsor logo gallery, less clutter on screen

- New Getting Started page with information for new players

An image taken of the E36 Race Series home page.
Our website has been updated and redesigned, new look for a new year.

- Blog posts get a new look as well and layout has been simplified

- New cookies banner

- New Privacy page

- New Shop which is being setup to sell oil from our major sponsor LA Racing Lubricants

An image of the new E36 Race Series online Shop.
We are really looking forward to getting the online store up and running!

- New Calendar page with the 2021 schedule

- Point Score page has been cleaned up, less clutter and ready to go for Round 1

- Contact page updated with our new committee member details

- Fixing some Google SEO results, still in progress

We are looking at 6 updates for our new release:

  1. Members only forum for exclusive access to club news, race updates, technical bulletins and advice

  2. More store products

  3. Documenting the build process in more detail on the Getting Started page

  4. Basic race car preparation advice before your first race

  5. Driver and Committee Member profiles and photos, so you can put a face to the name

  6. A new page to host some content from our YouTube channel

If you think of something you'd like us to include on the website, leave a comment below.

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