Round 1 Race Report

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Adan Hughes in his E36 BMW leading the pack at Wakefield.
David Bailey and Adam Hughes racing hard at Wakefield Park.

Both driver and car were tested last weekend at Wakefield Park for round 1 of the E36 Race Series. The extreme heat certainly added to the challenge of racing in a big field of cars for the first round. Here is the breakdown of the day by Club President, David Bailey.

My preparation was not ideal due to work constraints and preparation on the #39 car as well as building the #27. I took a lot away from the day, the Kumhos worked well in the extreme heat, no cars overheated and other than some electrical issues on the #22 of Adam Hughes, no other issues all day.

For basically a stock 4cyl car with ITBs and an ECU tune, we were mixing it up and passing cars with bigger engines. The suspension package seems to be working well and the flatter power curve and top end from the engine package helps out. My best lap time for the day was a 1:13.9 in races 2 and 3 which was fantastic in the heat. I didn't think that was going to happen plus the E36 Series category lap record at Wakefield Park is a 1:13.1, which was also a very hot day, we should be in the 12s later in the year.

We didn't make any changes to the #39 car other than tyre pressures throughout the day, we tweaked the suspension settings and ride height on the #27 car as that was the first time the car had ever been on track. I don't mind the varied speed of cars as most of my racing has that style of background, I feel it's great for the new guys to learn to pass and be passed, use the mirrors and hold their line. My biggest takeaway was how well a car straight out of the shed went with no issues, pretty much unheard of for a race car, there is more development to go, but that's all part of racing.

Our next race will be at the SMP 300 which will also be the first of a 3 round endurance series. After that, we head back to SMP North Circuit for round 2 of the sprint series, unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I'll be on holidays. As we used the opening round as a non point scoring event, we are all level on 0 points.

My final thoughts on the weekend are all good, it was clean racing, everyone took home a clean car and we had a few people asking about the series as well as my new media duties with an interview for the MRA Series who are totally behind the E36 Race Series. I've also noticed that they will be showing our championship point score on their website, which is great! Thanks also to Marcus and the committee members, if it wasn't for a handful of people driving the idea, it just wouldn't happen. Thanks again to everyone.

Thanks David, a great race report!

Before I sign off, a quick shoutout to our sponsors, LA Racing Lubricants, Shylan Motorsport Services, Suspension Concepts, RHD Engineering, MH Auto Care, Prime Race Tyres and Kumho Tyre Motorsports. Please visit their website and/or social pages, give them some love because supporting them supports us!

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