The President's Round 1 Race Report

Round 1 of the LA Racing Lubricants E36 Race Series opened up with over cast skies.

We went out on a dry setup, made no changes as the track was a bit damp but not raining. As we sat on the dummy grid waiting for qualifying, it decided to start raining and the track was soaked to the point that racing was suspended for 20 minutes after our qualy session. We qualified 6th, our fastest lap was red flagged but it wasn't front row times anyway.

David Bailey spins on a wet track at Wakefield Park Raceway.
Going, going, gone! Wet weather made for challenging conditions on track.

For Race 1, the skies cleared and the track was fairly dry, just a few puddles and a bit damp off line. From 6th we managed to finish 5th with some good dives with Paul Stanbrook.

Race 2 was dry track except for a puddle right on the apex of turn 10, so it was a bit sketchy if you ran your inside wheel in it. This time I was locked in a 4 way battle with Paul, Brayden Everitt and Marcus Rummler, we started 5th and finished 4th but you could have thrown a blanket over the bunch.

Conditions prevailed for Race 3, we started 4th and jumped straight to 3rd as Paul Stanbrook jumped the start, sitting right on the leaders rear bumper. I had bit of a lose going into the fishhook and ended up 7th, clawed our way back to 4th. With 2 laps to go, the power steering hose split and pumped oil all over the left front tyre/brakes. We dropped back to 5th but had to slow due to sliding in the corners and brakes pulling to the right. A 5 second penalty was handed to Paul for his jump start but we finished 5.1 seconds behind in 5th.

Paul Stanbrook and David Bailey dicing for position at Wakefield Park Raceway.
Dicing for position with Paul Stanbrook.

All in all, had a great days racing, close and no touching, looking forward to Round 2 which will be back at Wakefield Park on April 11th.

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